One Week Sans Sugar and Almost No Technology Sabbatical Sundays

No sugar AND no Facebook?  Sounds like Crazy talk.  Crazy, but necessary.

I was talking with some girlfriends the other night again about how much of a time waster Facebook (and social media in general) can be.  Various women had taken breaks from Facebook, myself included.  “I was off for nine months,” I chimed in. “It makes it sound like it’s a drug! Like oh – I’ve been clean 9 months,” someone else said.   It’s true.  We are so tied to our electronics, to social media, email, search, web shopping, etc., it can’t be good for our health.  It really isn’t.  We spend so much time on these devices, and less and less time with each other.  Less time reading, thinking, meditating, getting outside, and just being present with who we’re with – the list is endless.

And believe me, this doesn’t mean I am anti-social media or the internet, I think that they can do great things, and accomplish a lot (likely if you are reading this you came here from some form of social media) but I think that there is a moderation of it that is healthy for the mind and the soul.

Chris laughed when I said I was going to do no technology on Sundays.  He reminded me that I’d really have to qualify that statement and specify which technology I meant.  And after thinking about it, and giving it a go yesterday, I think I’ve pinned down what I mean by it.  I mean:  no social  media, no email, no online shopping, no blogs.  Mainly no mindless time-wasting spent on the computer.   For the most part I mean no TV.  But there are a few shows that we watch on Sundays that I’m okay with making an exception.  And I guess that’s because that’s not mindless. It’s specific and it’s also spending time together. I’m not including Pandora or online recipes (because I did a lot of cooking yesterday!)   And sure, I’ll answer the phone, but I’d mainly like to avoid text.  Part of this is ideal on the weekends Chris is home too, so that we can actually spend quality time together, not device/internet/mindless TV ridden time, but real actual time.

I’d like to eventually extend this “unplugging” further than just one day, and even have periods of it throughout the week.  Because I can feel even after one day the benefits.  And perhaps they are even more profound for me because of my already anxious personality.

What do you do sans technology?  I cleaned, I went shopping, I read and wrote, and I cooked a lot.  Check out recipes here, here, here and here.

Sugar is a similar demon to mindless technology.  And over the holidays it’s always so easy to fall prey to it – everywhere.  To eat it when you normally wouldn’t and to overeat it.  And boy did I.   While I haven’t read “I Quit Sugar” yet…I am looking forward to it…but I also don’t plan to be as hardcore as her.  I.E. I will still drink milk, and eat ketchup, probably honey and definitely will still eat fruit. For me, it’s more about the mindless snacking on sweets. Candy, cookies, refined sugar, sometimes soda. It really got bad in December. I wasn’t saving them for special occasions. I was eating them ALL. THE. TIME.  Even the sneaky supposed healthy items with way too much extra sugar added were getting to me. (see: sugary yogurt, granola bars, etc.) I have no doubt that the extra stress and hard times this last fall only contributed to it.

Anyway, I’m going to start off with a week.  And I’m also planning to use tea as my go to when I want a sweet.  It helps that we happen to have 52 different kinds of tea in the house.  Yes, I have a problem.

Mindless Sweets and Mindless Technology…the more I write, the more I feel like I should add “Mindfulness” to “Do” and “Presence” as my words for the year.

Do you take breaks to unplug?  Do you ever want to take a break from your out of control sweet tooth?  You can.  I can.

It’s all a choice.


2 thoughts on “One Week Sans Sugar and Almost No Technology Sabbatical Sundays

  1. Love it! You go girl!

    (52 kinds of tea, though? Holey moley! Don’t they all kind of taste the same? Maybe I need to learn some more about herbs… haha)

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