On Mindfulness, Gratitude and Not Strangling Life

I have been so wrapped up in the negative day to days that sometimes I think I’m forgetting to live.  They say that the inability to be present is one of the biggest ailments we face in modern society.  We are overrun with commitments, with stress, with technology.  We literally miss our lives.  I think I would argue that you can get even more stuck in this mindset when you are in a negative space.  And while I am doing everything possible to get myself physically out of this space…in the interim I have to find a way to deal with it and live in it.  To find the positive things and keep those in the focus.

Believe me, this is easier said than done when things are happening everyday, every couple hours, that make you want to punch someone, scream.  But I am realizing that I can either fall captured to the negativity and stress OR I can make the choice to do something to make it better.

I’m reading a book called “Mindfulness: An eight-week plan for finding peace in a frantic world” and I am just getting to the part where it lays out the plans for each week of meditation and mindfulness and I am making a conscious promise to myself and to you out there in blogging world that I am going to follow this plan.

I am also going to promise myself to start writing down daily gratitudes again.  Because when you are thankful, it’s hard to focus on the negatives. A good attitude attracts good things.

Between being mindful and being thankful, I hope that the next few months not only bring some change, but some joy in the process of getting there.

Here are 5 things I’m thankful for today:

1)   Music.  Tonight I had a few glasses of wine, put on headphones, rocked out to this, this and this.  Because sometimes that is the best medicine.

2)   Friends in Unlikely Places. I have made friends this last 6 months in so many unlikely ways.  Through school interviews…through other friends…and I have found people that I never would’ve thought were those who I’d always know I’d be able to vent to.  Don’t take people like those in your life for granted.

3)   Reading.  I already finished one book.  Dark Places was…well dark.  But very good.  And I’m a 1/3 through the mindfulness book.  I’d forgotten how much I loved reading.

4)   Good Coffee. Some people are about good wine, which sure – I am too, or about cigars or whatever. But for me a good cup of coffee is one of the ‘little things’ that somehow always manages to lift my spirits.

5)   My husband.  Who puts up with…but more to the point understands and still loves me when I am being emotional, irrational or feeling awful about things.  I got so lucky to find that person so young.  And I don’t ever want to take that for granted.

This is a new blog I’ve been reading, and I LOVE  this from their 10 choices you will regret in 10 years:

Trying to micromanage every little thing. – Life should be touched, not strangled.    Sometimes you’ve got to relax and let life happen without incessant worry and micromanagement.  Learn to let go a little before you squeeze too tight.  Take a deep breath.  When the dust settles and you can once again see the forest for the trees, take the next step forward.  You don’t have to know exactly where you’re going to be headed somewhere great.  Everything in life is in perfect order whether you understand it yet or not.  It just takes some time to connect all the dots.



3 thoughts on “On Mindfulness, Gratitude and Not Strangling Life

  1. I’ve recently got into writing daily gratitude also! Have you read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne or seen the movie? I don’t entirely believe everything brought up by the subject but it really did change how I look at the world. I do believe that happy thoughts bring happy events (mainly because you’re just being more positive!) 🙂

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