5 little things I’m excited for

In an ongoing effort fo focus on the little things…because it’s all of the little moments that make up happiness…here are 5 little things that I am looking forward to on this Friday – (besides the weekend of course.)

1. Michael Buble is coming out with a new CD on April 23rd!  I’ve seen him concert twice and most certainly would go again when he hopefully tours this new CD!

2. Khaled Hosseini is coming out with a new novel on May 2st.  I loved Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns, and am excited to see something new from this author.  Now if Dan Brown would just write something new…

3. It’s almost time for outdoor softball.  Now I love my indoor softball. The team we play with is fun and hilarious…but I don’t like the 30 min commute to Roseville, and there’s something about the crack of the outdoor bats that really signifies that spring is here. The crazy heat of summer hasn’t started we are finally getting daylight longer.  It’s a good, good thing all the way around.

4. The Big C, Newsroom and Dexter are all coming back! Girls may have ended, and Shameless is almost done…but three of my favorite shows come back over the next few months.

5. Change.  Usually the source of so much of my anxiety…but in this case some really good things and changes are on the docket and I’m really looking forward to what they will bring.

What are you looking forward to??


4 thoughts on “5 little things I’m excited for

  1. I love Michael Buble! Hosseini is on my to read list, but I haven’t got there yet!
    My husband graduated today from his job traing, so after 219 days he’s mine again! He comes home tonight!

    • I’m so excited for you that hubby is home now!! 🙂 I can’t believe you are moving to Kansas! Time for a new adventure!

      The english major in you will love Hosseini. 🙂

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