Some Calm and Happy amidst the storms


Life really is about the little things.  Especially during hard times.  And hard days.   And I’ve had my fair share of those over the last few months.  But I must remember the positive things in the midst of all of that. The good days.  So today I will remember a short walk around our neighborhood, appreciative of the later light.  The spring sun, warm but not hot.  Other neighbors wandering with dogs and kids.  Thinking about the future and listening to a chapter of Harry Potter on my ipod, the sun framing the trees.  Spending a long time in the kitchen making a healthy dinner and a huge batch of banana bread.  Watching Love Actually for the millionth time and not caring that I know the whole thing by heart or the fact that it’s a random Tuesday in March and not Christmas.   Because sometimes you need a gentle reminder that Love ACTUALLY is all around.  Because it doesn’t matter how many times you see it, you still tear up with little boy Sam comes running up to Liam Neeson’s character after he kisses the little girl.  Or smile at the “To me you are perfect” sign.  It doesn’t matter how often I see it, it’s always a genuine reminder of the good in the world and the good in life.

I want to remember on the bad days that in the grand scheme of things, all is temporary right now and a newer and better chapter is just around the corner.  And a peaceful day like today is also just around the corner. When I was in a particularly rough state Chris reminded me to look at this print – that thanks to a birthday present from Steph – I got off Etsy recently.

I don’t think I could even tell you which Harry Potter book this came from, but it is something I frequently remember, and now I look at everyday. Dumbledore is right.


I also posted this on Facebook today:




Nothing is more true.

I am so grateful for friends, my parents and family, and of course, Chris.


Happy Midweek all.


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