Music Mondays: For Boston

I’ve been wanting to bring back my Music Monday posts that I used to do on my older blogs.

Music is medicine….as I’ll mention again in a later post this week…and with a heavy heart after the Boston explosions today… I think we can all use a little medicine.  Soul medicine.

When I heard this afternoon, besides being so thankful that my brother was safe and well, I kept thinking of this video my dad posted on my facebook last week.  It’s been circulating for a while, so you may have already seen it, but when it feels like humanity and the world is falling apart, sometimes you just need some comfort that we all need someone to stand by, and someone to stand by us.  Listen to it, I promise it will provide just a little bit of healing for your heart…as a reminder that we are all connected and can all be there for one another when terrible, horrible, tragic things happen.


My brother was 10 feet from a fatal explosion planted by God knows who. He saw a man lose his leg and an critically hurt infant.

And yet…

And yet…despite these horrible things…there is still some good…in fact a LOT of good in this world.   Even though it’s incredibly hard not to focus on the carnage, especially when that’s what the news is shoving in your face. But try to focus on the good things…the people, the “helpers” as Mr. Rogers says, who went running to aid.  The marathoners who kept right on running to the nearest hospitals to donate blood.  The outpouring of love.

Read what Patton Oswalt said. In the numbing repeating chaos of ‘prayers and thoughts for Boston’ flooding your social media- look at the honest, heartfelt and true words here

Sure, be angry, hurt and sad.  But the only way to fight back against these things is through kindness and love.  Not hate and blame. So do something nice for someone.

Right now.

Be kind to someone.  Tell someone that you love them.

Oswalt said it right…because the good will always out number the bad.