6 Things My Mom Taught Me


They say there’s nothing like mothers and daughters.  There are so many things that I know only my mom would understand.  Despite the fact that so many people say I “am my father’s daughter” and daddy’s girl…there is so much about mom and I that are alike and so many things she has taught me and given me throughout the years that truly make me who I am.   Here are just a few.

  • To love animals.  We always had pets…and lots of them.  These cats and dogs were always truly a part of our family and have been treated as such.  She taught me that an animal can be your best friend, your child and pet all at the same time.  Since the days we volunteered for the Truckee Humane Society…I’ve always loved animals and I’m sure throughout my life I will have numerous ‘fur children’ thanks to her.
  • To keep the house clean. This is maybe to a fault…but I know that from all the days she was asking us to clean the bathrooms, dad to clean the kitchens and always fretted over having a clean house for company has truly rubbed off on me.  To a fault.  I can get OCD about it, which makes friends laugh and drives Chris crazy.  But I do take pride in having a clean house…and when the house is clean, I am much calmer.  Thanks mom.  Oh, and that cleaning is best done with Earth Wind & Fire music blaring in the background.
  • To love Christmas and the meaning of Christmas.  As you can see from this post – Christmas is my thing.  I look forward to it all year.  While most people are getting excited for summer, bathing suits and sun, I am always counting down the days until fall and my favorite time of the year that is the holidays.  I credit that to mom.  Christmas was always about love and giving for us and it’s that spirit that will draw me to the season every year.  Christmas means happiness and family.Mom
  • Which draws me to the next one – that family is most important. Dad obviously had a hand in this too…but I’ve always been instilled with the fact that it doesn’t matter what you have, what you do, where you live, or how much money you make that’s important.  Family (and relationships in general) are what are really truly important. This is definitely something that I’ve really been reminded of lately.246566_10101339627273033_1757622206_n
  • Music. Now both my parents completely instilled the value of music in both my brother and I.  They taught us to love it…which led us to play it…and to covet when we were able to see it live.   But mom also taught me that music can be healing and can help you through the tough times and also celebrate the good ones.   The lyrics to songs can connect you in a way other things can’t.  She also taught me to give songs as gifts because sometimes someone else’s words are the best way to show what you are feeling.
  • That it will be okay.  Dealing with chronic health issues most of my life and especially as of lately…despite the fact that I don’t always believe her…or anyone really, sometimes I still just need to hear that it’s going to be okay.  It doesn’t feel like it now…but someday it will.

I love you mommy, I wish I could see you today. Happy Mother’s Day.



4 thoughts on “6 Things My Mom Taught Me

  1. I feel like I learned most if not all these things too! What a wonderful woman! Happy Mother’s Day MammaBear! One day it’ll be to you… ; )

    • I feel like you learned them too, Nat. 🙂 Thinking of you! And for some reason I just flashed upon the day we ran into the deer walking around Glenshire. Funny the things that pop into your head.

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