Why I love Christmas, and Why I love it earlier than your average person.




Bert Man watching over our Christmas Tree last year.

I have many scrooges in my life.  Many people who balk at the idea that it seems Christmas is getting earlier and earlier every year.  93.1 started playing their all day Christmas songs on November 1st.  Starbucks started red cups on the 1st.  I LOVE this.

And not because I’m one of those crazy people who wear Christmas sweaters and randomly start singing in restaurants ala Molly Shannon in the Santa Clause 2.

For me, it’s about everything else the season represents.  Christmas isn’t about trees or red and green decorations.   For me, it’s about giving, about love.  About remembering what’s important.  It’s about finding (or making) the perfect gift for someone you love.  It’s about spending time with friends and family.  Celebrating the end of a year with joy and happiness.  It’s about baking yummy food, and sometimes about eating more cookies than you probably should.  It’s about lopsided gingerbread houses, crooked cookie decorations, and hot chocolate and Christmas lights.  It’s about Christmas movies.  I have a list of about 10 movies that it really doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen them, the feeling that the messages in them give me make them worth seeing again and again every year.  (See last year’s post about what Christmas movies taught me)  It’s about enjoying the decorations that I spend hours putting up to make our house feel cozy, warm and joyful at Christmas.  For as long as I want to.


So many people complain about Christmas overtaking Thanksgiving every year.  And I think that’s silly, because to me they are always wrapped into one.  Both are about family, friends, good food and celebrating.  To me, there is no need to separate them. After all, who shows up at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade every year?  Why Santa, of course.

So why limit what is such a happy time to me to such a strict amount of time? Why let others judge what amount of time is appropriate?  Why judge people who love Christmas early?  I know of at least two friends who already have their trees up, and I love these people.  Enjoy it for as long as YOU want to and let those who are happy in this season enjoy it how they want to.  For me, that’s begging Chris to pull in the Christmas boxes this weekend, since my pregnant body can’t dig through the garage and watching my Christmas movies multiple times over the next 6 weeks.  For me, it’s volunteering to help with the angels toy drive  at Arden Mall, and purchasing materials for the Loaves and Fishes Homeless Stockings again this year.  It’s planning and purchasing/making gifts and cards early this year, so I can enjoy the next 6 weeks without being super stressed out over finishing everything at the last minute.  Christmas and the holidays are meant to be enjoyed and celebrated however you want them to be.  So do that.  Let other people do that.  We had thanksgiving dinner in October…and I am drinking eggnog for lunch and listening to Christmas music on November 13th.  I also eagerly drank a Starbucks gingerbread latte on November 1st.  Be happy people and let other people be happy.

I plan to teach Clare that the Christmas season can last however she wants it to.  While her name came originally from the character in the Time Traveler’s Wife… I do like the it’s a short version of “Clarence” the angel in It’s a Wonderful Life. 🙂

It's a wonderful life

What are your favorite Christmas traditions and memories?