Getting Through Summer

Does anyone else feel like they are just “getting through” summer? If you know me at all, you realize I’m more of a winter gal anyway, with my love of Christmas and the holidays. But living in Sacramento has given me a particular distaste for the summer time. The temperature starts to creep up, our AC starts to crank up, and I silently, and sometimes not-so-silently hope for September to get here as fast as possible.

I hate being too hot. I hate being sweaty. I hate that to do anything without sweating, means I have to be up and out and about well before noon. (Sometimes in Sac well before Ten AM)

I know people love the summer because they can swim, kayak, go to the river, water parks, even regular parks, whatever. But honestly when the temperature gauge goes over 85…well if we’re being honest over 80…I don’t want to do any of that. I want to hide in the house with the AC cranked up, dream about fall and pretend it’s not so gross out.

People complain of feeling cooped up in the fall and winter months, but I honestly feel the opposite and feel cooped up in the summer.

On top of that, infants…not so fond of being hot…or sweaty.

It was different growing up in Truckee…summers rarely went over 80 and swimming in the summer was pleasant. Heck, half of my teenage years were spent on the docks at Donner Lake. So I am thoroughly looking forward to 4th of July and the beautiful Tahoe weather we get to enjoy up there, but besides that…I’m pretty much counting down the days until September and October when the leaves change, it cools down, and you can spend time outside without soaking through your clothing.

Sure there are some good things….the summer fruit is way better…but also the farmer’s market is more crowded because of this…We have more daylight…but of course using that daylight would require spending more time in that drenched shirt – induced heat. Summer concerts are fun…but same as above.   The state fair is always fun….if you go when it opens…or at 10pm.

Sigh…maybe we’ll get down to the bay area at some point…and maybe I’ll be taking MULTIPLE trips up to Truckee pre-labor day…

But otherwise I’ll be over here in my ridiculously air conditioned house anticipating pretty leaves, Apple Hill, scarves and what else – the holidays!

Anyone have suggestions for nice air-conditioned places to take infants in the summer besides coffee shops?


One thought on “Getting Through Summer

  1. Hmm, I haven’t felt this way exactly but I know what you mean. I am definitely a Fall-lover myself. Can’t wait to take S to Apple Hill and so looking forward to pumpkin spice latte season! As for places with A/C, I can only think of Target and the mall…or the library…haha. Not very helpful, I know.

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