Our favorite Baby Items: Newborn-3 months

I love what Lesley at barefooton45th told me when I frantically emailed her saying “What in the world do I register for??” She said “every mom and baby has different things that work for them but here’s what worked for me.” She sent me a 7-page long list of not only the items that worked for her and her babies, but reasons WHY they worked. It was so, so helpful in filling out a registry, I’ve passed her list on to some of my pregnant friends with my own addendums now that Clare is here. Thank you Lesley! 🙂

But on this post I’m going to share my top 10 favorite items that we’ve loved for Clare’s first 3 months….considering I’m finally finishing this post and she’s almost 5 months…hopefully you can look forward to a 3-6 month post sometime closer to the 6 month mark. 🙂

1. Boppy and My Brest Friend – Some people feel like these are an either/or, but honestly I’m SO glad I had both. The Brest Friend is sturdier and offers more back support for nursing. You can nurse with the boppy in a pinch, but I really like it so much for other things. I actually sat on it a bit when I was still really sore in the early days, and now we prop Clare up in it a ton. It also could be used to help with her tummy time. Both are must haves!

Boppy Brest Friend

2. Yes To Baby Carrots Face and Nose Wipes – So I tried multiple face and hand wipes…we had the boogie wipes…we had the Johnson and Johnsons. I hate that Johnsons stuff is full of all kinds of chemicals, and the boogies are mainly just saline. Yes to Carrot’s are natural, soothing and they smell really good.

Carrot Wipes

3. Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water – We used this to help with gas a lot in the beginning. Now I use it to help stop her hiccups when they are upsetting her. Again, I like it cause it’s natural and homeopathic – not like a medicine.

Gripe Water

4. Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Cream– My friend Emma got us this and it is the BEST diaper cream. It’s more the consistency of petroleum jelly. It comes off easily and prevents diaper rash, you don’t just use it when they have a rash. And I’ve heard it’s also a good one for cloth dipes. She’s almost 5 months now, and we’ve had zero diaper rash.  And it lasts forever. Almost 4 months, with using it for every diaper!

Diaper Rash

5. ERGO / Other Carrier – In the early days, I hadn’t been introduced to the world of baby wearing….now I’m slowly being sucked into the awesomeness. 🙂 But we did have an ergo with the Infant Insert that really helped calm Clare when she was small. But now that I’ve learned more, I think my woven may have been even better for her as a newborn. It’s so much more supportive than the moby/stretchy wraps. I also love my ring sling, now that I’ve got the hang of using it, because she can see out with it, while also keep her legs in the ideal hip position. Another post on babywearing soon to come. Babywearing rocks.


6. Woombie Air – We tried a LOT of different swaddles, and these are the best by far. They zip up, which is much easier than messing with Velcro or folding. They may look like little straight jackets, but you do what works!


7. Portable White Noise Machine and App – We bought this portable machine after she was born to put in her carseat to help her stay asleep. We also still use the “Simply Noise” app on my phone and Chris has some sort of hair dryer app to calm her as well. For more on why white noise works, check out “The Happiest Baby on the Block”

White Noise

8. Lula Clips – My friend Lori gave us these with her car seat, and they are so helpful! Little magnets keep the seatbelt straps of your carseat pulled back when putting baby in the seat.


9. Baby Connect App – I love this app. I track my nursing and clare’s diapers, when Chris gives her bottles, her “medicine” (gripe water and teething tablets), her shots, weights, baths and more in here. I like that I can see how long ago she nursed. I like that I can see the fluctuations of everything. Sure it’s a little bit OCD, but it keeps me sane, and also helps me remember things with my constant mommy brain. It’s $5 in the app store, and I believe you can get it on android also.

Baby Connect

10. Hands Free Pump Kit – I only pump once in the morning after I feed Clare so that we have a stash for when I’m gone teaching, for appts, etc. So I didn’t want to buy a full on pumping bra. This kit is awesome, cheap and allows me to have my hands for reading or eating breakfast or playing with Clare while I pump. Win!

pump kit

I’m sure there are lots of other great things that were important during the early months, but I tried to stick with the slightly off the cuff ones, cause you don’t’ need someone else telling you to get basics. Stay tuned for months 3-6!


*This post may contain some affiliate links. Which means if you purchase something based on my recommendation, a few cents gets put into Clare’s diaper fund.  She thanks you in advance! 🙂