Motherhood Mondays: Favorite Links, The Mama Edition

I read a LOT of articles as the weeks go on. Typically on my phone while we are nursing or rocking or doing other baby-related tasks. I used to do posts with a round up of my favorite links on one of my old blogs. And those posts on others’ blogs are always some of my favorite posts because I see articles that I haven’t read and blog posts from bloggers I’ve never heard of. The type of links I used to post are much different than they are now…but thus is the season. Today’s list is all motherhood links. Enjoy!

Bunnies vs. Goldfish – This post about our feeling of being judged by other moms and how our choices as parents aren’t criticisms of others’ choices. (Look for more thoughts on this here soon)

I Am Not a Human Pacifier – This beautiful post about how breastfeeding is so much more than nutrition and how ludicrous it is to compare that to being a human pacifier.

Unwind – Another lovely post about parents finding their way back to each other through the muck. Someone DOES have to pour the first glass of wine.

Motherhood and Anxiety – Suzy and I’s stories are so similar about our journeys of anxiety and pregnancy and becoming mothers. I pretty much immediately emailed her and said let’s be friends. 🙂

There’s Always Something To Make You Feel Like a Bad Mom – Similar to the bunnies versus goldfish post. We are all fighting different battles.

Telling Women They Can’t Talk About Their Awesome (or Upsetting) Birth Experience Needs to Stop – A doula in a local birth group I’m in posted this one and I think it’s so true. It also reminds me of the bunnies/goldfish post. We should be supporting each other and celebrating triumphs and having each other to lean on and listen to when things don’t go to plan.

Sometimes I Cry – Another wonderful post about all of the bursting, wonderful, terrifying and awesome emotions that go along with being a mom.

I wish I could say I’ll plan on making this a weekly post, but if I’m being realistic, it will probably be more like once or twice a month. 🙂 No promises!


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