Motherhood Mondays: Our Baby Item Favs 3-6 Months

So in case you missed it, here was our 10 favorite baby items from newborn to 3 months. This blog post is about our 10 favorite baby items from 3-6 months. I’ll give you a hint…teething!

Hyland’s Teething Tablets – These homeopathic tablets do seem to have helped with the fussiness and teething pain thus far. I just ordered the Camilla teething drops as well, since the reviews said that they also can be soothing to tummies, which is another one of her problems.

Teething Tablets

Sophie Teether – Ah, the ubiquitous $20 giraffe teether that looks like a glorified dog toy. Everyone seems to have Sophie. I was skeptical, but Clare really does seem to love her. She chews on her head and legs like nobody’s business. We almost lost Sophie the other day in the Michael’s parking lot. I was happy that when I back tracked she was found, albeit a little worn for wear and possibly run over. But a little scrub and she was back to new!


Innobaby Strawberry Teether – This little guy came in one of our citrus lane boxes (see below) – and it’s perfect for baby-sized hands to hold and she loves the different textures on her gums.

Strawberry Teether

Breast Milk Pops! – We use these trays to freeze cubes of breast milk and have been putting them in these  mesh food holders for a breast milk ice pop. This keeps her busy for a while AND helps her teeth pain.


Ring Sling – Now that I’ve learned to use my ring sling – it’s a godsend. I have this Sakura Bloom. I plan to chop one of my larger wraps to make another ring sling also. Once you get the hang of it, it’s incredibly easy to get on and off, you can put baby on your front or on your hip so that they can see out, and you can nurse in it! Which is really helpful, especially when I take her to teach with me.


Kick & Play Piano Gym – This guy is so versitle! We actually took the mat part off because it kept getting puked on, but now we just move the hanging part from place to place. She loves playing with the toys and now she can even sit up and hit the piano when it’s adjusted into that position. It’s great!






Bert also loves it…



Tadpoles Floor Playmat – My friend Monica got a playmat for her daughter, because they also have all hardwood floors, so I decided it would probably be a good idea to get one for Clare too. It’s a good pad if she falls back or rolls over too hard. I also like that it’s a neutral color. But much of the time, it’s covered in blankets because Bertie cat likes to take chunks out of it. Eventually maybe we’ll get a more durable one.  But the price was definitely right!

floor mat

Nose Frida – Baby’s first cold. It sucked. Literally. I had an awful week-long cold and of course Clare caught it. Nose Frida sounds super gross, I mean you are sucking your baby’s snot out?? But it WORKS. It really is a must have.

nose frida

Cherry Swim Outfit – I love this outfit! She just wears the diaper part for swim class, because it’s an indoor 95 degree heated pool, but then I can put the tankini part on when we go to other pools. I really think I will buy a new one in a bigger size. Because currently her little chubby butt falls out because she is getting so big!


Citrus Lane Subscription – I love Citrus Lane! I think we are on our 4th or 5th month. Every month you get a box of age appropriate toys and goodies delivered to your doorstep. Clare has loved pretty much everything we’ve gotten from them, but I just couldn’t list them all here! Sometimes there are products like baby lotion, and there is usually 3-4 toys. Continuing her subscription will definitely be on her Christmas list this year.   Check out this link to get 50% off your first box!

Citrus Lane

 Did I miss anything mamas? Particularly in the teething department. Let me know!
And just because she’s adorable…one of Clare’s 6 month pictures. 🙂

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