Friday Favorites: Fall

I had a whole list of blog ideas that are different “favorites” lists. So I’m planning to post these favorites on Fridays, because who doesn’t like a good alliteration? Hoping to be back posting for Motherhood Mondays soon also. Traveling, illness and some other not so fun things have kept me from blogging, writing or doing much of anything besides just surviving lately. So here we go: 5 of my favorite things about Fall.

  • Apple Hill – Nothing says fall quite like a trip to Apple Hill. Usually we try and go in September, but this year we made it up there on October 1st. Going on a weekday is so much better than a weekend. Unless you like traffic, crowds and too much noise, that is. Between my anxiety, having a 7 month old in tow and Chris’s aversion to people acting stupid in crowds, this was the way for us to go. Tips – go to Rainbow Orchards for Apple Cider and Cider Donuts & stop at Heyday Café in Placerville for lunch. If you are not time limited by your daughter’s nap schedule, also check out the wineries. They are beautiful and offer free wine tasting.


DSC_0300 DSC_0286 DSC_0287


  • Pumpkin Patches/Carving – Sacramento Sidetracks just released an awesome list of all the patches and fall festivals to do in Sacramento. If you aren’t local, just consult Google and I’m sure you’ll find a bunch of events in your neck of the woods. We enjoyed Dave’s Pumpkin Patch last year and will probably hit that one up again. We love carving them too! It’s been a tradition Chris and I have done ever since we started dating, though I can’t seem to find the picture of our pumpkins from 2007. Which is too bad, because my friend Annie joined us that year and her pumpkin was made up to look like Chris, complete with stringy pumpkin innards as his beard. (She’s now an environmental lawyer, but back in our early college days was also an art minor. 😉 )



  • Seasonal Foods – Hello Pumpkin and Apple!   While I haven’t drank Starbucks in nearly two years – mainly because there are just so many really good coffee places here in Sacramento. (In fact we were just voted one of the top 10 cites for coffee snobs. Ha!) There is something about when the pumpkin spice latte appears on drink menus that signifies it’s REALLY fall and the start of the best time of the year! I’m planning to make this pumpkin oatmeal this week, and am eyeing a whole host of pumpkin concoctions on my Pinterest. Also – why do we only have things like thanksgiving dinner once a year? Last year, due to raging pregnancy cravings, Chris and I made our friends a full thanksgiving dinner WHILE we carved pumpkins in October. And it was amazing.
  • Scarves and Boots – Oh and leggings. Pretty much the best clothes EVER. I don’t think I can quite express how much I love being in a pair of comfy leggings with boots and a scarf. It is simply The. Best. If I lived somewhere cold, I would probably wear that year round.
  • Fall always feels like a beginning – Maybe it has something to do with school starting in the fall, but when the leaves change and the weather turns cool that feels so much more like a beginning than January 1st does. I think for me it also has to do with tradition. I’m realizing lately that a lot of the important things to me have to do with tradition. And a lot of what I want to pass on to Clare is different traditions that will stick with her as she grows up and has kids of her own. I have a lot of thoughts on the subject, so rather than spew out a bunch of traditions and tradition ideas in this blog post, I think I will save it for a future post…or several. Especially as we go into the season filled with the most traditions of all! Fall and the Holidays.   So here’s to fall and the changes and beginnings and reflections that colder weather (hopefully SOON) will bring.

What are your favorite things about Fall?


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