Reverb September: That time we marched in a blizzard….

In light of football season, September’s Reverb prompt was to talk about your favorite “game time” memory. I think some people are surprised when I tell them that I actually do like football. I’m far from the nagging wife lamenting her husband’s football obsession. Chris also isn’t that husband. He loves his niners and he does fantasy, but he’s not obsessed. And I think the reason football always has a soft spot in my heart is because of marching band in high school. Which is also funny because I didn’t particularly enjoy having my whole Saturdays tied down during the entire fall. But overall I really do look back on those days fondly. It bonded so many of my band friends and I together, spending those long days staring out at the field.

Plus it didn’t hurt that this was our view!


I think I’d have to say my most memorable game time memory would have been the year in high school where we STILL marched despite the pouring snowstorm that was raging. I wish I could find pictures of that day – I’m sure some people have them. But the snow was literally SO bad that we could hardly see. I’m not sure how we were playing, or if most of us even were. One of my friends lost his shoe. People were slipping all over the place. My guess is that it totally was unsafe. But hey – that’s what you did when you grow up in a snowy mountain town. We man up and do whatever needs to be done…even in blizzards.

photo 2


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