Some Favorite Articles and Blogs as of Late

I loved this blog about all the good things they should have warned me about motherhood.

Dads are NOT babysitters. And l love that this dad was proud to be a bedsharing family in The Truth about Dads and Attachment Parenting.

Really interesting NY Times article about the power of audio and the resurgence of this somewhat lost medium.

The most entitled generation isn’t millennials. As our generation tends to get bashed, I appreciated this article.

A Parenthood writer says goodbye to Parenthood. I cannot believe this show is over! 😦

NPR article “What’s right about a 6-year-old breastfeeding.”  Our country is SO behind when it comes to breastfeeding and it’s benefits.  Good for NPR for bringing the worldwide perspective to light.

It doesn’t get easier, but it does get better. 

And i’m sure there are SO many other great things that I read – between feedly and all of the people and pages I follow on social media, some really excellent things always cross my path. I’d like to say I’ll get better at cobbling them together on a weekly basis, but that’s probably too lofty of a goal.  For now, whenever I get a chance, I’ll share some of my favorite finds!

Happy reading and happy weekend!


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