5 Friday Favs and Little Things

I’m hoping this can be a new semi regular series on the blog.  And that may mean monthly.  Or whenever I remember. 🙂  A mix of 5 links and 5 little things on a Friday.

I have so many articles open on my phone that I have read over the last month or so. It keeps going on the back burner to put them into a post.  And I know I just need to do it, so I can start collecting new ones! So finally, here are just a few of the great articles I read in March and April.

5 Friday Favs:

Right around the time 50 Shades of Grey came out, Scary Mommy posted this gem about the 50 shades of breastfeeding.  Nailed it.

This is a much more elegant post than mine last week was about how we only just share a slice of our lives on social media.

Some excellent Louis CK Parenting Quotes in this post.

I Support Your Right to Share My Rights. Really great post from Momastery about LGBT rights. I rarely hear someone so strongly Christian speak on this topic with such a wonderful perspective.

This one made me tear up.  Motherhood is truly the strongest bond.  You’re a mom, you know.

5 Little Things:

Excited for: We leave for Maui in a month! So excited to get back to my home away from home after 5 years.  And to show it to Clare!  Hit me with your tips for traveling with a 15 month old.

Thinking about: How grateful I am that Chris works for Amtrak.  Even when the unpredictability drives me up the wall, I am so thankful that it supports a huge part of our lives and allows me to pursue things I am really passionate about like writing, birth work and my podcast which also can and will contribute financially to our family in small and big ways in the future. But, I wouldn’t be able to be on that path if he didn’t have the stable career that he does, and I don’t take that for granted.

Hoping for: An active summer schedule. Teaching 2-3 zumba classes, maybe getting back into softball (it’s been FOREVER.)  Exercise is a huge part of my self care and when it’s lacking, I can very quickly spiral to bad places.

Setting a Goal to: Finish up Part 4 of my childbirth work and make some headway on some other projects before we leave for Maui.

Loving: Spring weather.  I know it won’t last long before it’s 105 here, so I’m trying to enjoy the cooler mornings and evenings while they last.  Also – pretty much obsessed with the Bare brand cinnamon apple chips.


Happy Weekend!


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