Favorite Baby Items: 9-12 month edition

Later than I’d planned, as usual, but here is the last edition of our favorite baby items: from 9-12 months. See 0-3, 3-6 and 6-9 if you’re curious! I’m sure there will be future toddler posts as well.

1. Trax the Train Rocker – My parents got her this for Christmas, and we love it. (Chris rolled his eyes of course when I first put in on the list because he thinks its silly that I pick up train things since he drives trains) Anyway, It plays a couple different songs and the great thing about this one compared to other rockers is the back part holds her on better.IMG_6533

(I promise that’s a smile. 😉 )

2. Pack ‘n Play – Some people really like these for younger ages, and use them as bassinets, etc. We totally didn’t. Between cosleeping and the fact that she really isn’t a fan of being contained, we didn’t need it. However, when she was too big for other chairs/jumpers/etc and not yet walking, the Pack and Play was great for showering and cooking. (and occasionally teaching piano)


3. Tiny Diner Portable Placemat – One of my other mama friends had one of these when we went out to lunch, and it seemed really convenient, so we got one too. We really like it. It sticks to some surfaces better than others, but the little food catcher part is great for messy babies to drop food when eating out.


4. Swinging Baby Gate – Once we childproofed our living room, this was a great gate to block her into just that room. It’s also very easily moveable. Now we have it in the kitchen doorway, since that’s where she seems to reek the most havoc.



5. Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy – This is still a favorite as of 14 months when I’m writing this post. It helped her start learning to walk and now that she is walking, she loves to push it in circles and run all over the house with it. She also likes putting EVERYthing she finds around the house on top of the alligators to push them around. Socks, random baskets, rouge apple chips, remote controls, empty water bottles. I’m sure if she could lift our cat Bert, he’d be going for a spin.



6. Blocks – She’s really starting to be able to stack blocks a bit and not just wander around with them in her mouth. And of course they also go for rides on the alligators (see #5) We have this squishy set from amazon and a similar alphabet wooden set from etsy like this one.



Any favorites toward the end of your baby’s first year? We’ll be keeping a running list for future kiddos! 🙂


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