Spring 2015 Capsule Wardrobe

I’m finding posting about my capsule wardrobes a good exercise. One, because I do the backwards hanger trick (putting all the hangers on the opposite way and then switching them only after they’ve been worn during that capsule) so I’m able to see what outfits I’ve been wearing, and adjust. So far, the start of each capsule has been pretty fluid, I add in some new clothes (from clothing swaps/target/ross) and subtract a few after I realize I’m not wearing certain ones I totally thought I would. After finishing this book on tidying, I definitely want to go through all my clothes again, but I think I’ll probably time that to coincide with our summer clothing swap, and then switch over to a summer capsule. Though, with Sacramento already heating up in spring and the fact that I’ve been planning what to wear in Maui next month, I imagine my summer wardrobe won’t actually look all that different compared to spring. Spring came out even – 40 total pieces, plus 5 shoes.  I’m not much of a shoe gal, so I figured I’d include shoes this time around. No workout/Pjs/undergarments however. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 5 tops
  • 6 bottoms (4 skirts, 2 pair shorts)
  • 10 layering tops/sweaters
  • 19 dresses
  • 5 pairs of shoes

So here it is, my Spring April-May-June capsule wardrobe:




Ross| Ross | Target | Clothing Swap | Target



Target (last year) | TJ Maxx | H&M, a long time ago, was a dress| Ross | Target | Clothing Swap

Layering Tops/Sweaters:


Clothing Swap | Clothing Swap | Clothing Swap | Ross | Clothing Swap | Ross | ThredUp | Clothing Swap | Clothing Swap | Ross

Dresses: (always the largest section)



Clothing Swap | ThredUp | Clothing Swap | Ross | ThredUp| ThredUp

Stitch Fix | Ross | ThredUp | ThredUp |ThredUp | Target

Stitch Fix | Target | Clothing Swap | Target | Visions of Eden Old Sacramento | Ross




Clockwise from Black Sandals (that I’ve had for forever!)

Gottschalks Going Out of Business Sale! | Famous Footwear | Zappos for Karlee’s Wedding a few years ago | Amazon| Target

I’m pretty proud that nearly half of the wardrobe were either clothing swap or ThredUp meaning that I was a second, (sometimes 3rd, 4th, 5th!) owner.  Old to someone else, but new to me! The best.

Have you tried a capsule wardrobe? How did you like it?

**If you click the ThredUP links, you’ll get $10 off your first order and I’ll get a $10 credit also! Win, Win.  They are an online consignment store that carries like-new high quality clothing for budget prices! Some items are even new with tags. Highly recommend.

**If you would like to try out Stitch Fix, please use my link so I get referral credit! Stitch Fix is a personal styling company. You fill out a style profile and they send you five items. You can even share your style pinterest boards with them and they pick items they think might fit your style. You decide what to keep and send the rest back. You pay a $20 styling fee but that goes towards whatever you keep!


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