Bella Materna: Nursing & Maternity – A Review and Giveaway!


I don’t know if I can even count the number of nursing bras I’ve been through since Clare was born. I can count at least 11 off the top of my head, but there’s probably more. It is so hard to find bras that are one, comfortable and two, fit larger chests. At the start of breastfeeding I was up near an F or higher. Probably the closest I had come to finding one I liked was Soma Intimates, and theirs did not hold up in the wash at all after many times wearing them – and now they don’t even carry my size anymore. WTH? Anyway, that’s not even including the possibility of finding a bra that actually LOOKS decent. I had given up on that a long time ago. There just aren’t really pretty bras for larger chests in general, and especially not nursing bras.

But I have been proven wrong with Bella Materna! Anne, their wonderfully sweet creator, offered to have me try a few of their bras to review. (And we are also working on some exciting stuff partnering with them for my podcast. Stay tuned)

I tried their Sexy T-shirt Bra in Rose and the Anytime Tank in Black.


First, let’s talk about the bra. The first thing I noticed was that the straps are really thin. You typically don’t find this with bras for larger chests. I guess they figure if we have big breasts, we have linebacker shoulders too? Anyway, this bra has nice thin straps! And it’s super pretty. The lace trim adds some femininity to it without being itchy. I HATE itchy, so this was a big plus. I also really liked that it was rose colored and not that awkward flesh color that most neutral bras are. It was different and I appreciated that. It is also really breathable. The back part has an almost mesh-like quality to it, which coming from someone who despises sweating, this is great. It also has a whole extra section of clips on it, which is amazing. Usually bras don’t have this extra extension, and I could see that being really helpful especially during pregnancy and early nursing when everything is changing so much. Finally, it’s WAY more supportive than other nursing bras that I’ve tried. Support is a big freaking deal for those of us with large chests


Now let’s talk about the tank. I was incredibly surprised how much I liked this tank! I was skeptical because I usually hate “built in” bra tanks because they are annoying, uncomfortable and not at all supportive. But this tank is the complete opposite of all that. It’s SO comfy and also really supportive. Even with my chest! I guess the best way to describe the material is that it’s like almost swimsuit like, but smoother and softer. It’s great! And because of the ruching on the sides, it’s flattering at any size, but also really stretchy in that it would totally fit over a growing pregnant belly. Highly, highly recommend. When we have more kiddos, I’d definitely want to have a few on hand during those early days. I think this tank and yoga pants will be my new mama uniform of choice.

Anne also told me that at Bella Materna they are committed to using quality materials that last a LONG time. Many of the moms who submit reviews to their site say that they used their bras through multiple kiddos and multiple pregnancies. Awesome!

They also sent me a racer back conversion, which turns their bras into a racerback bra. I personally don’t wear a lot of racerbacks, but I know that would be a huge plus to many mamas.

The first bras I tried didn’t fit quite right, I needed to go down a band size, and Bella Materna’s return and exchange policies are super convenient. It’s all free and very quick. The turn around both times was just a day or two.

They are also SUPER helpful in explaining how your bra size will change over the course of your pregnancy and nursing spans. This will be a topic we focus on in an upcoming podcast, and they also have information on their website about differing sizes.

All in all, I highly recommend Bella Materna’s bras, and I love to be supporting another mom entrepreneur while getting great quality products. Next I’ll be eyeing their sleepwear and underwear!

Thank you, Anne and Bella Materna!

I’m so excited, because Bella Materna has offered to giveaway a Sexy T-Shirt Bra and Anytime Tank to one of my blog readers! Just follow the directions at the rafflecopter link below and I will pick a winner on the 13th.

Bella Materna is also offering readers 20% off their first order with code KellieJoy20 between now and 5/31/15.


Click for Bella Materna Rafflecopter Giveaway


7 thoughts on “Bella Materna: Nursing & Maternity – A Review and Giveaway!

  1. This is great, Kellie! I struggled with finding good maternity bras also and I hadn’t heard of Bella Materna. Will definitely check them out with the next baby! Thanks for your review.

  2. I would love to win because I’m currently pregnant and interested in finding a good nursing bra. Thank you!

  3. I also have a very difficult time finding a comfortable nursing bra for my large chest. I’d love to give these a try!

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