Aloha! & Links for Your Week

We are in Hawaii this week for an early 5 year anniversary trip. (Yay!) and Clare’s first plane trip! 

So for my weekly post this week,  a post detailing the best articles and blogs I’ve read over the last few weeks.  So many good ones!

  • Mayim Bialik’s excellent response to the recent Similac commercial getting a lot of press. She says: “The ad shows breastfeeding as “just another choice,” ignoring that it is the medically recommended way to feed human babies. It’s not the same as cloth versus disposable diaper choices or deciding which baby shampoo to use. This commercial undermines medical and scientific fact under the guise of “It’s all the same, don’t judge. And if you do, you are the bad mom.”
  • I read a lot about breastfeeding because I am very much a breastfeeding advocate, but I love Elisha Wilson Beach’s response to the internet freaking out over her photo of breastfeeding her toddler in the bathroom.
  • This is an excellent, albeit long, article about a Welsh playground called “The Land” and a look at how much childhood has changed in the last 30 years.  Really, really interesting. Makes me wish American playgrounds would take on this idea, and expands my idea for what I want our kids to experience growing up.

Have you read anything awesome lately?


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