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Hi there, my wordpress followers!

My blog has officially moved over to my main website that is hosted on squarespace.  You will be able to find all of my projects, podcast, book, and even upcoming childbirth classes over there now.  You can visit the new website at http://www.kelliejoy.com

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Today I’m over there talking about crafting, cooking, and why we should all just do what makes us happy!


Trying to Enjoy Summer: Goals & Bucket List

Confession: I don’t really like summer. I know. I KNOW. I’m crazy. But hear me out. I hate, hate, HATE sweating. Unless the sweat is from zumba or body pump, it’s gross and I hate it. Sacramento goes well past 100 degrees on many summer days and I just want to hide in the cold A/C and never leave the house. I actually feel more claustrophobic in the summer than I do in the winter because the heat keeps me indoors so much. I’ve seen a lot of Summer Bucket List posts lately, and I thought I’d use that to try and focus on the positive parts of summer rather than just secretly count down the days until October 1st. (Because it’s still effing hot here in September!) 

The Fun Stuff:

  • Go to the State Fair (My parents got us a season pass)
  • Go to a Waterpark (Maybe a date day with Chris?)
  • Enroll Clare in Swim Lessons
  • Go to the Farmer’s market every week (Summer Fruit is something I do love)
  • Spend some time outside early mornings (because that’s the only time it isn’t gross)
  • Take at least one day trip to San Francisco.
  • Take at least one day trip to Truckee
  • Go to an outdoor concert in the park (There are so many good ones each week!)
  • Go to the drive-in movies (For some reason, we always seem to only go in the winter..)
  • Go to Yoga in the Park as much as possible (because it’s the best)

The Work Stuff:

  • Put together Teaching Outline for Childbirth Classes – I’m really hoping to do my evaluated teaching series in the late fall, so starting to prep during the summer is a must.
  • Launch new website. I’ve been working on a squarespace website to combine all of my stuff, blog, podcast, and a few other projects in one place. It’s almost there!
  • Back load Podcast interviews to avoid being stressed during the holidays. I’ve got podcasts recorded/scheduled solidly into August at this point. I’d really like to have the whole fall/holidays set by the end of summer, so I’m not stressed out trying to do last minute episodes.
  • Have a yard sale. Chris thinks I’m crazy, but we have so much crap we need to get rid of….so it seems worth a shot.

The Goal Stuff:

  • Insight Meditation 6-Week Meditation Online Course – I’ve always been curious about this meditation center in redwood city. And since my big main goal for all of 2015 is meditation, I want to try their free 6-week online course to supplement what I’ve already been doing each day.
  • Learn to sew a quilt – Meisner has a quilt series beginning in late July. I either want to do that one, or the one that starts in September.

Yay! Reasons to be excited about summer, and not just ‘get through’ it.

Do you have any big plans for summer?